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04 Dec 2017

Years ago, the only way to find a good deal on a sofa was to walk into a traditional furniture store and purchase one. Nowadays, thanks to online shopping, you can efficiently purchase a sofa with a little help from the Internet. Before you embark on this virtual journey to buy a sofa online, here are 5 tips that you should carefully consider:

Check the Structure of the Frame

During an online shopping experience, you are not able to physically touch, lift or sit on the available sofas online. However, you should still research the details of each considered listing – especially the structure of its frame. Lasting sofas depend on the quality and sturdiness of their frames. You may save money upfront with low-cost pine frames or other soft wooden frames. However, they are also the most likely to wobble and warp within 3-5 years. Invest in quality wood (such as beech, ash or kiln-dried oak) and avoid any frame made of metal, plastic or particleboard. Don’t forget the

Examine the Dimensions Closely

Before you become too attached or excited by a specific option, make sure that you examine its size, weight and dimensions. Even if the online vendor or store offers free shipping, you still need to make sure that the sofa will be able to fit:

  • through the door of your home

  • within its designated room in your home

You may have seen a captivating couch, sofa or even collection of leather lounges that immediately caught your attention. However, if you do not take the time to study the dimensions, then your sofa may literally not be a good fit for your home.

Pay Attention to Color Selection

Pay close attention to the names used to identify the various color options for your couch. Just because the stock picture posted on the website may appear to be a certain shade or color does not necessarily mean that is how it will look in real-life. Verifying color selection is imperative when the names of the colors used may seem more “exotic” than traditional color names.

Do Not Hesitate to Ask Questions

If you were in a traditional furniture store, you would not hesitate to ask the salesperson as many questions as possible if they popped into your head. The same principle applies when you buy Italian sofa beds online. Just because it is an online purchase does not mean there is not an offline team ready and waiting to answer your questions and reassure you of the quality of their products and overall company. In fact, it is a good idea to create a wishlist of the items that interest you and then discuss any questions with the customer support team.

Check the Ratings and Reviews Before You Proceed

After you have identified the sofa or furniture set that you want, take the time to research. Thanks to the Internet, you can efficiently search and scan reviews, ratings and customer testimonials from various websites, discussion boards, chat rooms and social media. Just make sure that your decision is the best decision for your budget, your space limitations and your overall home décor. 


Karen Lyon | 11 months 13 days ago
Great article. these tips are really helpful

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